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Category: Human Rights

How Russian and Iranian drone strikes further dehumanize warfare

Written by Jordan Richard Schoenherr, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Concordia University Along with the recent reciprocal drone strikes by Iran and the United States in Syria, Russia continues to unleash its arsenal on Ukrainian civilian and military targets alike. While the Russian armies have started using outdated weapons, novel technologies remain the objects of fascination on […]

Saudi-Iran deal won’t bring peace to the Middle East but will enhance China’s role as power broker

Written by Simon Mabon, Professor of International Relations, Lancaster University After more than four decades as seemingly implacable enemies on either side of a deep political-religious divide in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to restore diplomatic relations and reopen embassies. The deal, which was signed in Beijing, comes seven years after […]

Are Western sanctions on Iran making a difference?

Written by Amin Saikal, Adjunct professor, The University of Western Australia The Iranian Islamic regime has been seriously challenged since the start of public protests last September. The government has sought to contain and suppress the protesters – even resorting to executions – but has been unable to stop them. There are continuing reports of […]

The politics of blasphemy: Why Pakistan and some other Muslim countries are passing new blasphemy laws

Written by Ahmet T. Kuru, Professor of Political Science, San Diego State University On Jan. 17, 2023, Pakistan’s National Assembly unanimously voted to expand the country’s laws on blasphemy, which carries the death penalty for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. The new law now extends the punishment to those deemed to have insulted the prophet’s companions, […]

Iran executions: the role of the ‘revolutionary courts’ in breaching human rights

Written by Simon Rice, Professor of Law; Kim Santow Chair of Law and Social Justice, University of Sydney The Iranian government has attempted to brutally suppress the widespread protests sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody in September 2022. Central to Iran’s response have been the country’s “revolutionary courts”. They have […]

Will Australia receive a red card for gender equity at the 2023 Women’s World Cup?

Written by Michelle O’Shea, Senior Lecturer, School of Business, Western Sydney University This year’s FIFA men’s World Cup has cast a media spotlight on Qatar’s human rights record. The tournament also offered an opportunity to draw attention to the current protests in Iran surrounding the mistreatment of women. Qatar’s imbalance in rights and treatment of […]

How Gen Z is using social media in Iran’s Women, Life, Freedom movement

Written by Farinaz Basmechi, Doctoral Student, Feminist and Gender Studies, L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa Iran’s attorney general recently indicated that the country’s morality police had been disbanded after protests calling for the country’s hijab mandate to be lifted. However, the government has not confirmed the attorney general’s remarks and local media have reported that he […]

Young people around the world can save democracy — but they need our help

Written by Evelyn Namakula Mayanja, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University A photograph recently circulated on social media purportedly showing two Chinese professors in Shanghai standing between a squad of police officers and students protesting the government’s zero-COVID policies. That morning, when I met my class for the course I teach on political repression, a […]

Iran: dissent by public figures has amplified the protest across the country – and the world

Written by Roja Fazaeli, Associate Professor Islamic Civilisation, Near & Middle Eastern Studies, Trinity College Dublin Iran’s Islamic Republic continues to violently suppress ongoing pro-democracy protests, which broke out in September in response to the killing of a young woman who had been arrested for not wearing a proper head covering. According to the NGO […]

Australia announces ‘Magnitsky’ sanctions against targets in Russia and Iran. What are they and will they work?

Written by Amy Maguire, Associate Professor in Human Rights and International Law, University of Newcastle Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong chose Human Rights Day to announce Magnitsky-style sanctions against 13 Russian and Iranian individuals and two entities, in response to egregious human rights abuses. Wong has described these sanctions as a means of holding human […]

Iran executes first protester as human rights abuses come under international scrutiny

Written by Sahar Maranlou, Lecturer, School of Law, University of Essex Iran’s execution of protester Mohsen Shekari is the first after a huge wave of unrest swept around the country in the autumn of 2022. Shekari was found guilty by a Iranian Revolutionary Court of “moharebeh” (enmity against God), news sources reported. Human rights groups […]

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