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Decorative Arts

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Illuminating Artistry: Introduction to Iranian/Persian Decorative Arts
The opening module unveils the rich tapestry of Persian decorative arts, tracing its historical evolution to present a well-rounded overview. Delving into the signature styles, the module elucidates the defining characteristics that make Persian decorative arts unique. By exploring the cultural, political, and religious influences, it provides a comprehensive understanding of the multi-faceted inspirations that have shaped this artistic domain over centuries.

  • Historical Evolution: Tracing the Roots of Persian Decorative Arts
  • Signature Styles: Defining Characteristics of Persian Decorative Arts
  • Cultural Tapestry: Influence of Culture on Persian Decorative Arts
  • Politics and Patterns: Political Influences on Persian Decorative Arts
  • Sacred Symmetry: Religious Influences on Persian Decorative Arts

Ancient Aesthetics: Early and Medieval Periods
This module transports learners back to the ancient and medieval periods of Iran, exploring the artistic contributions during the Achaemenid and Sassanian eras. It unfolds the Islamic artistic transformation and how it melded with the existing Persian aesthetics to form a unique blend. The module also dwells on the early Islamic ornamentation and the evolution of ceramic artistry, enriching learners' understanding of the period's decorative arts.

Golden Glamour: The Golden Age of Persian Decorative Arts
Stepping into the golden age, this module unveils the emergence of intricate stone work and iconic architectural decorations that marked this era. It also imparts knowledge on the techniques of metalwork and bronze casting, which were quintessential in crafting timeless pieces. By introducing key artists and their contributions, it helps learners appreciate the artisanal genius of this golden era.

Dynastic Designs: Later Dynasties and Evolving Styles
Dynastic Designs: Later Dynasties and Evolving Styles

Modern Motifs: Modern and Contemporary Iranian Decorative Arts
This module transitions into the modern era, highlighting the genesis of modern decorative art movements in Iran. By introducing key modern and contemporary Iranian artists, it provides a glimpse into the current themes and techniques prevalent in the domain. It also celebrates the global recognition Iranian decorative arts have garnered, showcasing its standing on the global artistic stage.

Contextual Canvas: Understanding and Analysis
Engaging in a deeper analysis, this module explores the socio-political themes and gender representation in Persian decorative arts. It encourages a comparative study with other regional art forms to broaden the understanding of Iran's unique artistic narrative. Through discussions on the impact of historical events and evolution of narratives, it aims to foster a nuanced appreciation of Persian decorative arts.

Practical Patterns: Engagement and Analysis
In this hands-on module, learners are immersed in practical workshops exploring both traditional and modern decorative art techniques. Through critiques, analysis workshops, and field visits to museums and galleries, it provides a practical understanding and appreciation of Persian decorative arts. It encourages interpretation and discussion, fostering a deeper engagement with the artistic forms.

Discursive Designs: Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
This forward-looking module delves into the current trends, emerging artists, and new movements shaping the contemporary landscape of Iranian/Persian decorative arts. It explores the global influence and reception, and engages in contemporary debates to provide a holistic view of the current and future state of Persian decorative arts. Through discussions on the future, it aims to spark curiosity and anticipation for the evolving artistic narratives.

Capstone Projects
The capstone projects are designed to provide a practical and investigative platform for learners. Through research projects, practical art creation, exhibition reviews, comparative studies, and community engagement, learners are encouraged to apply their acquired knowledge, explore further, and contribute to the ongoing discourse in Iranian/Persian decorative arts.

Additional Projects
These additional projects offer a variety of engagement opportunities. From group discussions, virtual gallery curations, and critique portfolio development to interactive workshops and artist interviews, learners have a plethora of avenues to explore, discuss, and deepen their understanding of Iranian/Persian decorative arts. Through these projects, learners can immerse themselves in both the theoretical and practical realms, gaining a holistic understanding of the subject.

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