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Introduction to Iranian/Persian Drama
In this module, participants will delve into the rich tapestry of Iranian/Persian drama history, tracing its roots and understanding its evolution over time. The defining characteristics of Iranian/Persian drama highlight a unique blend of narrative styles, storytelling techniques, and dramatic representations. Participants will explore the cultural, political, and religious influences that have shaped Iranian/Persian drama, offering a lens through which to interpret the socio-political narratives embodied in various dramatic works. This foundational understanding sets the stage for a deeper exploration of Iranian/Persian drama in subsequent modules.

  • Overview of Iranian/Persian Drama History
  • Defining Characteristics of Iranian/Persian Drama
  • Cultural Influences on Iranian/Persian Drama
  • Political Influences on Iranian/Persian Drama
  • Religious Influences on Iranian/Persian Drama

Early and Medieval Periods
The early and medieval periods of Iran/Persia witnessed the blossoming of dramatic arts with distinctive contributions from the Achaemenid and Sassanian eras. During these times, theatrical performances and narrative storytelling began to evolve, carrying the seeds of Persian drama. The Islamic conquest brought about a new dimension of artistic transformation, introducing Islamic motifs in drama. This module will lead participants through the journey of dramatic evolution during these pivotal periods, laying a solid foundation for understanding the subsequent golden age of Persian drama.

The Golden Age of Persian Drama
The Golden Age was a period of flourishing drama, marked by the emergence of classical Persian drama, iconic plays, and influential playwrights. Participants will delve into the techniques of storytelling, performance, and the various materials used in drama such as scripts, sets, and costumes. This module aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key dramatists and their contributions during this golden era, shedding light on how they shaped the narrative and stylistic contours of Persian drama.

Later Dynasties and Evolving Styles
In the wake of later dynasties, Persian drama witnessed evolving styles, with notable influences from the Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras. The integration of poetry, modern theatrical forms, and global influences significantly impacted Persian drama, marking a transition to modern dramatic styles. This module explores the European influences and the gradual transition that ushered in a new era of modern and contemporary Iranian drama, encapsulating a period of rich theatrical experimentation and innovation.

Modern and Contemporary Iranian Drama
The modern era of Iranian drama is characterized by a renewed spirit of dramatic expression, innovative themes, and global recognition. Participants will explore the genesis of the modern dramatic movement in Iran, key modern and contemporary Iranian playwrights, and the diverse themes echoed in modern Iranian drama. This module also delves into the techniques employed in modern and contemporary Iranian drama, exploring how Iranian dramatists have garnered global recognition and contributed to the global dramatic discourse.

Contextual Understanding and Analysis
This module endeavors to foster a contextual understanding and analysis of Iranian/Persian drama. Participants will explore socio-political themes, gender representation, and the comparative study with other regional dramatic forms. The impact of historical events on Iranian/Persian drama and the evolution of dramatic narratives over time will be examined, providing a holistic understanding of the socio-cultural underpinnings of Persian dramatic arts.

Practical Engagement and Analysis
Practical engagement is crucial for an enriched understanding of Iranian/Persian drama. This module includes workshops on traditional and modern drama techniques, critique and analysis workshops, and field visits to theaters and drama galleries. Participants will engage in active discussions and interpretations of Persian dramas, offering a hands-on experience and a platform for analytical engagement with Iranian/Persian drama.

Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
This module delves into the contemporary discourse and future directions of Iranian/Persian drama. Participants will explore current trends, emerging playwrights, and new movements that are shaping the future of Iranian/Persian drama. The global influence and reception of Iranian/Persian drama, contemporary debates, and discussions regarding the future of Iranian/Persian drama will be explored, providing a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of Iranian/Persian dramatic arts.

Capstone Projects
These projects are designed to provide a platform for participants to delve deeper into specific areas of interest within Iranian/Persian drama. Through research projects, practical drama projects, performance reviews, comparative studies, and community projects, participants will have the opportunity to apply their learning, engage with the Iranian/Persian drama community, and contribute to the broader dramatic discourse.

Additional Projects
These additional projects provide further avenues for participants to explore the themes and techniques of modern and contemporary Iranian/Persian drama. Through group discussions, virtual theater projects, drama critique portfolios, interactive workshops, and artist interview projects, participants will enhance their understanding and appreciation of Iranian/Persian drama, fostering a deeper engagement with the dramatic arts of Iran/Persia.

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