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Pahlavi Posh: Pahlavi Era Modernization of Fashion

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Evoking Elegance: Introduction to Iranian/Persian Fashion Design
This module sets the stage for an enthralling journey through the history and essence of Iranian/Persian fashion design. Students will explore the rich history of fashion, identifying the unique characteristics that set Iranian/Persian fashion apart. The intertwining of cultural, political, and religious influences with fashion design provides a deeper understanding of the socio-political dynamics that have shaped fashion trends over centuries in Iran. This introductory module lays a solid foundation for appreciating the evolution of fashion in subsequent eras discussed in the course.

  • Tracing Threads: Overview of Iranian/Persian Fashion History
  • Signature Styles: Defining Characteristics of Iranian/Persian Fashion
  • Cultural Tapestry: Cultural Influences on Iranian/Persian Fashion
  • Political Patterns: Political Influences on Iranian/Persian Fashion
  • Religious Robes: Religious Influences on Iranian/Persian Fashion

Traditional Textiles: Early and Medieval Periods
Dive into the ancient and medieval periods of Iranian fashion, where the intricacies of textile designs began to take shape. From the elegant attire of the Achaemenid era to the luxurious silks of the Sassanian period, students will explore how each era contributed to the rich tapestry of Iranian fashion. The Islamic Conquest brought about a significant transformation, infusing Islamic motifs into Persian fashion. This module uncovers the evolution of fashion through these pivotal historical periods, setting the stage for the golden age of Persian fashion.

Golden Garments: The Golden Age of Persian Fashion
The Golden Age heralded a period of opulence and innovation in Persian fashion. Students will delve into the emergence of detailed textile designs, iconic couture, and the introduction of metalwork in fashion during this era. This module also highlights the key designers whose pioneering contributions propelled Iranian fashion onto a platform of global admiration. The blend of traditional and innovative techniques during the Golden Age created a legacy that continues to influence modern Iranian fashion.

Dynamic Drapery: Later Dynasties and Evolving Styles
As dynasties changed, so did the fashion trends in Persia. The Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras each brought their unique styles and influences, reflecting the socio-political dynamics of the times. European influences began to blend with traditional styles, creating a fusion that reflected in the attire of the period. This module explores how Persian fashion evolved through these dynasties, adapting to modernization while retaining its traditional essence, paving the way for contemporary fashion trends.

Modern Marvels: Modern and Contemporary Iranian Fashion
Stepping into the modern era, this module explores the genesis of the modern fashion movement in Iran. Students will be introduced to key contemporary designers who have played pivotal roles in shaping modern Iranian fashion. The global recognition that Iranian fashion has garnered over recent years showcases the blend of traditional motifs with modern fashion sensibilities. This module provides a comprehensive understanding of the themes and techniques that define modern and contemporary Iranian fashion.

Contextual Couture: Understanding and Analysis
In this analytical module, students will explore the socio-political themes intertwined with Iranian fashion. A significant focus will be on gender representation and how regional fashion forms compare with Persian styles. The impact of historical events on fashion trends provides a contextual understanding of how fashion narratives have evolved over time. This module encourages critical thinking and analysis, enabling students to appreciate the broader socio-political context of Iranian fashion.

Practical Patterns: Engagement and Analysis
Practical engagement is at the core of this module. Students will participate in workshops exploring traditional and modern Iranian fashion techniques. Field visits to museums and fashion exhibitions provide a hands-on experience, fostering a deeper understanding of Persian fashion designs. Through critiques, discussions, and analysis, students will hone their analytical skills, gaining practical insights into the world of Iranian fashion.

Future Fashion: Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
The final module delves into contemporary trends and the future of Iranian/Persian fashion. Students will explore emerging designers, new movements, and the global influence and reception of Iranian fashion. Engaging in contemporary debates, students will discuss the potential future directions of Iranian fashion. This module not only provides a glimpse into the future but also encourages students to contribute to the evolving narrative of Iranian/Persian fashion.

Capstone Projects
The capstone and additional projects provide students with a platform to apply their knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course. From researching a chosen era or designer to creating a piece of clothing, students will engage in practical and analytical projects. These projects foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Iranian/Persian fashion, culminating in a comprehensive learning experience that bridges historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of Iranian/Persian fashion design.

Additional Projects

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