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Unveiling Persian Harmonies
This module serves as a gateway into the enchanting world of Persian music, exploring its deep-rooted history and unique characteristics. Students will delve into the cultural, political, and religious influences that have shaped the sounds and styles of this ancient musical tradition. From the profound impact of Persian poetry to the complex relationship between music and political discourse, this module provides a well-rounded introduction to the intricate tapestry of Persian musical artistry.

  • Historic Harmonies: Tracing the Roots of Iranian/Persian Music
  • Unique Melodies: Characteristics Defining Persian Music
  • Cultural Crescendo: Impact of Various Cultures
  • Political Resonance: Politics Shaping Music
  • Divine Melodies: Religious Influences on Persian Music

Ancient Echoes
"Ancient Echoes" transports students back to the musical scenes of pre-Islamic Persia and the Islamic Golden Age, shedding light on the evolution of musical theory and the emergence of the Persian Maqam system. The module navigates through the Islamic influences that brought about a rich blend of musical traditions, enriching the Persian musical repertoire and laying the foundation for the sophisticated musical systems to follow.

Dynastic Harmonies
This module explores the musical legacies of the Safavid, Qajar, and early modern eras, focusing on the patronage of music and the influx of European musical influences. Through examining key composers and the emergence of modern musical notations, students will gain an understanding of how Persian music evolved, integrating both indigenous and foreign elements to create a distinctive musical language.

Modern and Contemporary Cadences
Venturing into the modern and contemporary periods, this module delves into the modernization of Persian music, the rise of Persian pop music, and the global recognition Persian music has garnered. By studying key modern and contemporary composers and the evolving music scene, students will gain a better understanding of how Persian music has navigated through modern challenges and global musical trends.

Traditions in Tune
Centered around the heart of Persian musical tradition, this module explores the intricacies of Dastgah and Radif, the essence of Persian classical music, and the key instruments that voice the soul of Persian melodies. It also delves into the influential relationship between Persian poetry and music, showcasing how the poetic tradition has seamlessly blended with musical expression over centuries.

Analyzing Aural Artistry
Analyzing Aural Artistry embarks on an analytical journey through the socio-political themes, gender representation, and the comparative study of Persian music with other regional musical forms. Through this lens, students will explore how historical events and evolving narratives have shaped the thematic and stylistic aspects of Persian music, offering a deeper understanding of its contextual relevancy.

Practical Pitch
This hands-on module provides students with a practical engagement through workshops on traditional and modern music techniques. By critiquing, analyzing, and engaging in field visits to concerts and music galleries, students will immerse themselves in the living tradition of Persian music, honing their analytical and practical skills in real-world settings.

Future Frequencies
Future Frequencies delves into the contemporary discourse surrounding Persian music, exploring current trends, emerging musicians, and the global influence and reception of Persian music. Students will engage in debates and discussions on the future of Persian music, exploring the path that lies ahead for this ancient yet ever-evolving musical tradition.

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