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Introduction to Iranian/Persian Painting
This module lays the groundwork for understanding the rich and diverse tradition of Iranian/Persian painting. It offers an historical overview, highlighting the evolution of Persian painting from its early origins to its modern manifestations. The unique characteristics defining this art form are explored, along with the cultural, political, and religious influences that have shaped it over centuries. This module sets the stage for a deeper exploration into the various eras and styles of Iranian/Persian painting, providing a holistic understanding of its roots and significance.

  • Overview of Iranian/Persian Painting History
  • Defining Characteristics of Iranian/Persian Painting
  • Cultural Influences on Iranian/Persian Painting
  • Political Influences on Iranian/Persian Painting
  • Religious Influences on Iranian/Persian Painting

Early and Medieval Periods
In this module, learners will delve into the artistic contributions during the Achaemenid and Sassanian eras, marking the early and medieval periods of Iranian/Persian art. The module also explores the transformation of artistic styles post the Islamic conquest and how early Islamic influences blended with Persian traditions. Learners will also get a glimpse into the world of medieval Persian manuscript illumination, laying a foundation for the golden age of Persian painting that followed.

The Golden Age of Persian Painting
This module immerses learners into the golden age of Persian painting, with a special focus on the emergence and evolution of Persian miniature painting. The iconic miniature manuscripts, the techniques, and materials used in creating these masterpieces are thoroughly explored. Additionally, key artists of this era and their contributions to the art form are discussed, offering insights into the sophisticated world of Persian miniature painting.

Later Dynasties and Evolving Styles
Transitioning from the golden age, this module explores the evolving styles of Persian painting through the Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras. The impact of European art and the gradual transition towards modern artistic styles are discussed. Learners will be able to understand the stylistic shifts and the socio-political factors contributing to the evolution of Persian painting during these periods.

Modern and Contemporary Iranian Painting
This module delves into the genesis and development of modern art movements in Iran, marking a significant shift from traditional to contemporary and global art styles. Key modern and contemporary Iranian artists, their works, and the themes explored in modern and contemporary Iranian painting are discussed. Learners will gain an understanding of how Iranian artists have navigated the global art scene while retaining a unique Iranian identity in their work.

Contextual Understanding and Analysis
Learners will explore the socio-political themes depicted in Iranian/Persian painting, and how gender and societal norms are represented in this art form. A comparative study with other regional art forms will provide a broader understanding of Persian painting's unique attributes. The impact of historical events and the evolution of artistic narratives over time are also explored, offering a contextual understanding of Iranian/Persian painting.

Practical Engagement and Analysis
This hands-on module offers learners the opportunity to engage with traditional and modern Iranian/Persian painting techniques through workshops. Field visits to museums and galleries, as well as critique and analysis workshops, will provide practical experience and deepen learners' appreciation and understanding of Persian paintings. Interpretation and discussion of Persian paintings will further enhance analytical and critical thinking skills.

Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
Focusing on the contemporary scene, this module explores current trends, emerging artists, and new movements in Iranian/Persian painting. Discussions on the global influence and reception of Iranian/Persian painting will broaden learners' perspective on its international standing. Engaging in contemporary debates and discussing the future of Iranian/Persian painting will offer a glimpse into the ongoing evolution of this ancient art form in modern times.

Capstone Projects
The Capstone Projects provide an opportunity for learners to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical or research-based setting. Whether investigating a chosen era or artist, creating a piece of art, reviewing an exhibition, conducting a comparative study, or engaging with local art communities, these projects aim to provide a rich, hands-on experience that complements the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course.

Additional Projects
These additional projects offer further avenues for practical engagement and deeper exploration into modern and contemporary Iranian/Persian painting. Group discussions, virtual gallery projects, art critique portfolios, interactive workshops, and artist interviews will enrich the learning experience, fostering a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of Iranian/Persian painting. Through these projects, learners will be able to interact with the art form in diverse and meaningful ways.

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