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Introduction to Iranian/Persian Photography
This module provides a panoramic view of the history and evolution of photography in Iran, setting the foundational knowledge necessary for the course. Students will explore the unique characteristics that define Iranian/Persian photography, rooted in the country's rich cultural, political, and religious landscapes. From the early adoption of photography in the 19th century to its intertwined relationship with political and social dynamics, this module lays the groundwork for understanding the multifaceted nature of Iranian photography.

  • Overview of Iranian/Persian Photography History
  • Defining Characteristics of Iranian/Persian Photography
  • Cultural Influences on Iranian/Persian Photography
  • Political Influences on Iranian/Persian Photography
  • Religious Influences on Iranian/Persian Photography

Early and Modern Periods
Delving into the different historical periods, this module traces the trajectory of photography from its introduction in Iran during the Qajar era to the modern periods. Students will learn about royal portraiture, the modernization of photography during the Pahlavi era, the impactful imagery during the Iranian Revolution, and the post-revolutionary exploration of identity and expression through the lens. This module encapsulates the dramatic evolution of photography against the backdrop of significant historical and political transitions in Iran.

The Golden Age of Persian Photography
This module explores what many consider the golden age of Persian photography, marked by the emergence of documentary photography and iconic photographic works. Students will delve into the various techniques employed by photographers of this era and the materials used, ranging from film to digital mediums. The module also highlights key photographers whose work has left an indelible mark on the photographic landscape of Iran and beyond.

Later Era and Evolving Styles
Transitioning to later eras, this module explores the evolving styles of Iranian photography against a backdrop of socio-political changes and global influences. Students will explore the intertwining of photography with the reform movement, the digital evolution, and the global recognition of contemporary Iranian photographers. The module also discusses the influences from European photography and the transition to modern photographic styles that reflect a blend of traditional and contemporary themes.

Modern and Contemporary Iranian Photography
Focusing on the modern and contemporary eras, this module discusses the genesis of modern photographic movements in Iran, highlighting key photographers and their influential works. Students will explore the diverse themes, techniques, and the global recognition contemporary Iranian photographers have garnered. This module provides a platform for understanding the present-day photographic discourse in Iran, reflecting a rich tapestry of narratives that echo both local and global dialogues.

Contextual Understanding and Analysis
This analytical module delves into the socio-political themes and gender representation in Iranian/Persian photography. Students will engage in comparative studies with other regional photographic forms, analyze the impact of historical events on Iranian photography, and explore the evolution of photographic narratives over time. Through critical analysis, students will develop a nuanced understanding of the contextual underpinnings that shape the distinct narrative of Iranian photography.

Practical Engagement and Analysis
This practical module provides students with hands-on experiences through workshops on traditional and modern photography techniques. It includes critique and analysis workshops, field visits to photo galleries and exhibitions, and discussions on Persian photographs. Through practical engagement, students will hone their technical skills, develop a critical eye, and gain a deeper appreciation of the aesthetic and narrative nuances of Iranian/Persian photography.

Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
Exploring the contemporary discourse, this module delves into the current trends, emerging photographers, and new movements in Iranian/Persian photography. It also explores the global influence and reception of Iranian photography and discusses contemporary debates shaping the field. This forward-looking module encourages students to engage in discussions about the future of Iranian/Persian photography, fostering a holistic understanding of its evolving landscape.

Capstone Projects
The capstone projects encourage students to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in a practical or research-based context. From investigating a chosen era, style, or photographer to creating a photography series or engaging with local Iranian/Persian photography communities, these projects provide a platform for students to delve deeper into specific areas of interest, contributing to their holistic understanding and appreciation of Iranian/Persian photography.

Additional Projects
These additional projects provide avenues for further exploration and engagement with the themes and techniques of modern and contemporary Iranian/Persian photography. Whether curating a virtual gallery, developing a critique portfolio, organizing interactive workshops, or conducting interviews with contemporary photographers, these projects offer diverse opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the vibrant and dynamic world of Iranian/Persian photography, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement with the field.

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