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Introduction to Iranian/Persian Prose
This module lays the groundwork for understanding the rich history and distinctive characteristics of Iranian/Persian prose. From the early inscriptions and historical narratives to philosophical discourses, Persian prose has been a significant medium of literary and intellectual expression. Students will explore how cultural, political, and religious factors have shaped the evolution of Persian prose, creating a unique literary tradition that reflects the multifaceted socio-political dynamics of Iran/Persia through the ages.

  • Overview of Iranian/Persian Prose History
  • Defining Characteristics of Iranian/Persian Prose
  • Cultural Influences on Iranian/Persian Prose
  • Political Influences on Iranian/Persian Prose
  • Religious Influences on Iranian/Persian Prose

Early and Medieval Periods
The early and medieval periods marked the formative years of Persian prose. During the Achaemenid and Sassanian eras, prose was employed mainly for historical chronicles and religious texts. The Islamic conquest brought about a fusion of Islamic themes and Arabic language elements, enriching the Persian prose tradition. This module delves into the development of narrative prose, theological and philosophical writings which formed a crucial part of the medieval Persian literary landscape.

The Golden Age of Persian Prose
The Golden Age saw the flourishing of Persian prose with the emergence of storytelling and narrative genres. Iconic literary figures crafted timeless works, developing distinct prose styles and exploring various genres. This module allows students to explore the material culture of writing, key texts, and the legacy of notable authors whose works continue to influence Persian literary tradition.

Later Dynasties and Evolving Styles
The evolving styles of Persian prose during the Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras reflect the interplay of traditional elements and modern influences. This module examines how mystical themes, modern narrative styles, and the emergence of newspapers and magazines shaped Persian prose. The integration of European literary forms during these periods contributed to the richness of Persian prose, marking a transition towards modern literary styles.

Modern and Contemporary Iranian Prose
Modern and contemporary eras brought about a renaissance in Persian prose with the advent of modern narrative forms such as novels and short stories. This module explores key Iranian authors who played pivotal roles in modernizing Persian prose, the themes explored in modern and contemporary works, and how these works have been received globally, contributing to Iran's literary reputation on the international stage.

Contextual Understanding and Analysis
Delving into the socio-political themes and gender representations in Persian prose offers a lens to understand the societal dynamics and historical events that have impacted Iranian/Persian literary discourse. This module encourages comparative studies with other regional prose forms, enabling a broader understanding of the evolution of narrative styles and thematic explorations over time in Persian prose.

Practical Engagement and Analysis
Practical engagement is crucial for a deeper understanding and appreciation of Persian prose. Through workshops, students will learn traditional and modern prose writing techniques. Field visits to libraries and literary events, coupled with critique and analysis workshops, will provide a hands-on experience and an opportunity to engage with the vibrant literary culture of Iran.

Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
This module delves into the contemporary trends and future directions of Persian prose. The discussion encompasses emerging authors, new movements, and the global influence and reception of Persian prose. Debates on contemporary issues in Persian prose and its future trajectory provide a platform for students to engage with the ongoing literary discourse and envision the future of Persian prose.

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