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The Stage Beckons: Persian Theatre Unveiled
This introductory module aims to provide a foundation for understanding the rich tradition of Persian theatre. Through an exploration of its historical evolution, students will grasp how Persian theatre has been an essential medium for reflecting the nation's socio-political and cultural dynamics. The lessons will delve into defining characteristics of Persian theatre, illustrating how it distinctively intertwines with the cultural, political, and religious fabric of Iran. This module sets the stage for a deeper exploration into the captivating world of Persian theatre, offering a lens through which students can appreciate the subsequent modules.

  • Historical Prologue: Journey Through Persian Theatre History
  • Dramatic Identity: Defining Characteristics of Persian Theatre
  • Cultural Playwright: Cultural Influences on Persian Theatre
  • Political Scripts: Political Influences on Persian Theatre
  • Sacred Performances: Religious Influences on Persian Theatre

Ancient Acts: Early to Medieval Theatre Evolution
Embarking on a historical voyage, this module introduces students to the ancient roots and medieval metamorphosis of Persian theatre. It encapsulates the artistic contributions during the Achaemenid and Sassanian eras, paving the way for a profound transformation post-Islamic conquest. By juxtaposing the early Islamic narratives with medieval masques, students will acquire a nuanced understanding of how Persian theatre evolved in tandem with changing political and religious landscapes, enriching its narrative and stylistic essence.

The Golden Drama: Flourishing of Persian Theatre
The Golden Age of Persian theatre is a testament to the profound artistic and intellectual efflorescence that characterized this era. This module illuminates the iconic playwrights, elegant expressions, and traditional techniques that burgeoned during this period. Students will delve into how materials, props, and costumes were innovatively used to enhance theatrical expressions. The module also touches upon the scenographic innovations that contributed to the enduring legacy of Persian theatre.

Dynastic Dramas: Theatre through the Dynasties
Persian theatre witnessed a vivid evolution during the Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi dynasties. This module guides students through the stylistic transitions and the influences from European theatrical traditions. It encapsulates how modernization during the Pahlavi era and interactions with European theatre spurred a new wave of theatrical experimentation, setting the stage for contemporary Persian theatre. Through an examination of evolving styles, students will discern the dialogic nature of Persian theatre with global theatrical traditions.

Modern Monologues: Contemporary Persian Theatre
Modern Persian theatre is a rich tapestry of thematic explorations and stylistic innovations. This module delves into the genesis of modern theatrical styles, prominent modern playwrights, and directors who have left indelible marks on the Persian stage. By exploring the dominant themes and modern techniques, students will appreciate the global recognition Persian theatre has garnered. This module provides a lens to explore how contemporary Persian theatre mirrors modern-day socio-political and cultural dialogues.

Analyzing Acts: Contextual Understanding and Analysis
Unpacking the socio-political and gender narratives within Persian theatre, this module fosters a critical understanding and analysis of Persian plays. Through comparative studies with other regional theatre forms and examining the impact of historical events, students will develop a multifaceted understanding of Persian theatre. The evolution of theatrical narratives over time is explored to provide a dynamic perspective on the enduring and evolving relevance of Persian theatre in reflecting societal dialogues.

Practical Playhouse: Hands-On Theatre Experience
Engaging students in a hands-on theatre experience, this module encompasses workshops on traditional and modern theatre techniques. It provides a platform for critique and analysis, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Persian theatre. Field visits to renowned theatres and performance houses offer a live glimpse into the world of Persian theatre, enhancing the practical understanding and appreciation of theatrical arts. The interpretative discussions will encourage students to engage critically with the material explored throughout the course.

Future Features: Contemporary Discourse and Future Directions
This forward-looking module delves into the contemporary trends and debates surrounding Persian theatre. It introduces students to emerging playwrights, new theatrical movements, and the global influence and reception of Persian theatre. Through engaging discussions, students will explore the contemporary debates and the potential future directions Persian theatre could venture into. This module not only encapsulates the contemporary discourse but also ignites a dialogue on the evolving narrative of Persian theatre on the global stage.

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