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Governance Impact Assessment (GIA) Level III

Governance Impact Assessment (GIA) enables stakeholders to build pathways for continuous development and integration of quality control systems. It is essential in any industry to ensure continual improvement in governing systems and identify risk factors before they get out of control. A governance impact assessment is an organized evaluation of stakeholders’ satisfaction with all aspects of board performance in fulfilling the board’s responsibilities.

With GIA paths, stakeholders can design and deploy a combination of quantitative and qualitative measurements to evaluate governance effectiveness. It leverages the CRS to generate CoA, CoQ, CoE, and CoI linked to the immutable records of PoC.

Governance Impact Assessment Paths and the MPM mechanisms engage the board in various activities to evaluate its overall leadership, performance, and qualification. At the same time, they provide decision-makers with an opportunity to stay informed about best governance practices with access to the latest tools, capacities and communities. QH stakeholders can issue GIC for best practices and accept CoI to support impact-oriented projects. An excellent pathway process will achieve several key outcomes:

  • Defines the board’s most critical governance success factors
  • Secure comprehensive stakeholders’ input on the fundamentals of competency frameworks
  • Create cross-functional and multi-channel data pipelines to address complex issues with participatory mechanisms
  • Quantify competence and compliance measures to build a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) and demonstrate governance practice alignment with local and global standards
  • Objectively assess and improve learning paths for shared understanding, expectations and direction of the board
  • Assess the risks that may impact the board’s performance to fulfill its responsibilities at various levels
  • Reduce bias and identify opportunities for meaningful governance optimization
  • Boost performance and help administration better infuse the board’s vision and values


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